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RFB-113-22 Governor's Mansion Penthouse Repairs


RFB-113-22 Governor's Mansion Penthouse Repairs


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Division of Engineering and Contract Administration
Susan Ward




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Bid Information

01/26/2022 02:00 PM ET

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Estimate: $ 81,840.00
Estimated Length of Project: 60 (Substantial Completion) + 15 (Final Completion)

The Architectural scope of work for the Governor’s Mansion Penthouse Repairs includes the following: Install Spray foam insulation on the exterior walls and the roof deck. Repair Plaster areas of deterioration in the stairwell on the exterior walls Install new gypsum board on the exterior walls and the ceilings, finish, prime and paint. Paint all remaining walls and trim with 1 coat to match. Install new wall tile and tile cove base in one bathroom (on exterior wall side only) Install new painted wood base trim on all exterior walls where it was previously removed and new drywall is installed. Install new carpeting in living room, bedrooms, closets, and top stair landing The MEP scope of work for the Governor’s Mansion Penthouse Repairs includes the following: There will be a reuse of the existing Fan Coil Units of mechanical HVAC The HVAC, heating, cooling and ventilation is existing 2 ton console fan coil unit in the Living Room, existing 1 ton vertical floor fan coil unit in Bedroom #1 and existing 1 ton vertical floor fan coil unit in Bedroom #2. The fan coil units will be completely serviced, coils cleaned, condensate drain pan cleaned, condensate drains cleaned out, filters replaced, and thermostat controls checked. The exhaust fans will be replaced in both Shower Rooms with 100 cfm fans and new exhaust ductwork. New supply and return air grilles will be provided in both of the Bedrooms. The design of the electrical system will include new LED lighting in all spaces since the ceilings are being replaced. New ceiling fans are being provided in the Living Room and both Bedrooms to assist the HVAC system in comfort conditioning the spaces and help the HVAC system resolve humidity issues.

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  • 01/19/2022 - rfb-113-22 Addendum#1 emailed