State of KY Planroom


RFB-24-23 RE-AD of RFB-205-22 DMA - BNGC Rear ACP

Cover Sheet and Index of Drawings
000-Cover_Cover Sheet and Index of Drawings.pdf
Construction Notes
001-CN1_Construction Notes.pdf
Existing Conditions
002-EC1_Existing Conditions.pdf
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan
003-EP1_Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan.pdf
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Details
004-EP2_Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Details.pdf
Demolition Plan
005-DS1_ Demolition Plan.pdf
Proposed Site Layout
006-CE1_Proposed Site Layout.pdf
Proposed Site Layout
007-CE2_ Proposed Site Layout.pdf
Mass Grading Plan
008-CE3_Mass Grading Plan.pdf
Overall Spot Elevation Plan & Index
009-CE4_Overall Spot Elevation Plan & Index.pdf
Enlarged Spot Elevation Plan
010-CE5_Enlarged Spot Elevation Plan.pdf
Storm Sewer Plan and Profile
011-CE6_Storm Sewer Plan and Profile.pdf
Storm Sewer Plan and Profile
012-CE7_Storm Sewer Plan and Profile.pdf
Sanitary Plan and Profile
013-CE8_Sanitary Plan and Profile.pdf
Site Plan
014-CE9_Site Plan.pdf
Enlarged Site Plan
015-CE10_Enlarged Site Plan.pdf
Utility Plan
016-CE11_Utility Plan.pdf
Site Details
017-SD1_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
018-SD2_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
019-SD3_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
020-SD4_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
021-SD5_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
022-SD6_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
023-SD7_Site Details.pdf
Site Details
024-SD8_Site Details.pdf
General Notes
025-S1_General Notes.pdf
Special Inspections
026-S2_Special Inspections.pdf
Foundation Plans
027-S3_Foundation Plans.pdf
Roof Framing Plan
028-S4_Roof Framing Plan.pdf
Foundation Details
029-S5_Foundation Details.pdf
Floor Plan Roof Plan and Elevations
030-A1_Floor Plan Roof Plan and Elevations.pdf
Building Sections and Interior Details
031-A2_Building Sections and Interior Details.pdf
Windows and Doors Details
032-A3_Windows and Doors Details.pdf
Canopy and Guard House
033-A4_Canopy and Guard House.pdf
Mechanical Plan
034-M1B_Mechanical Plan.pdf
Mechanical Plan
035-M2A_Mechanical Plan.pdf
Mechanical Schedules
036-M3A_Mechanical Schedules.pdf
Plumbing Plan
037-P1A_Plumbing Plan.pdf
Plumbing Riser
038-P2A_Plumbing Riser.pdf
Water Riser
039-P3A_Water Riser.pdf
Gas Plumbing Plan and Riser
040-P4_Gas Plumbing Plan and Riser.pdf
Electrical Legend
041-E0_Electrical Legend.pdf
Site Electrical Demo Plan
042-SE1_Site Electrical Demo Plan.pdf
Site Electrical New Work Plan
043-SE2_Site Electrical New Work Plan.pdf
Electrical Plan
044-E1_Electrical Plan.pdf
Electrical Schedules and Details
045-E2_Electrical Schedules and Details.pdf
Electrical Schedules and Details
046-E3_Electrical Schedules and Details.pdf
Electrical Schedules and Details
047-E4_Electrical Schedules and Details.pdf